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We want you to have a great experience at our races.  We don't offer a lot of swag, just a great race experience at a reasonable price.  Below are some unsolicited comments on our race.

 "I loved running around the conservation area!  While we do some park running here in London, there is far too much running around on city streets and sidewalks.  Running in a beautiful park setting helps running take on a whole new meaning.  While your heads-up that the course had some rolling hills was appreciated, the difficulty was acceptable for a couple of old guys relatively new to running.


Your event was well-organized.  I liked the fact that there wasn’t a “race kit” – a bag full of coupons, brochures about future events and samples of anything from cranberry juice to running magazines.  Just something to stow away someplace safe while you run your race, and then throw out when you get home.  And while there was no shirt included with your very low registration fee, the very reasonable $5 extra for a souvenir technical shirt was too good to pass up.


I was also impressed with the number of volunteers and water stations – lots of folks to cheer us on "


"Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that I really enjoyed your race. I thought it was well run by your team and a very good time for all. 

I do not live in the local area but I will certainly be back next year."

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say thanks for the great job you do organizing the races.  They are consistently well run, accurately routed and timed.  We have participated in other races (not nearly as well organized) so it really makes us appreciate yours. "



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