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The course is very simple.  It is a loop of Exhibition Park, run in a counterclockwise direction.  The finish line is the same for all races, and is beside the tennis courts on Exhibition.  The 1k is a little more than a half loop, the mile is a little less than a full loop, the 3k is a little less than two full loops, the 5k is 2 and three quarter loops, and the 10k is 5 and a half loops.

All of the races will be run in sequence, so that you can watch and cheer for other family members, before running in your own race.  The runners are never more than 800m from the finish line.  It is easy for spectators to see the runners several times during the race.

There are two small hills on the loop, on at the corner of London and Exhibition, and the other at the corner of Kathleen and Division.  Both are small gradual hills.

We chose this course in part because Downtown has been torn up by construction, but many runners last year preferred it to the Downtown course. 


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