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Our Environmental Policies

We try to limit the environmental impact of our events.

The standard methods of marketing and organizing road races can be very wasteful.  There is a risk in not using blanket promotion, but we trust that these policies are also important to you.

Race locally.  Just simply maintaining a local race series as an alternative to the very large city races that have come to dominate the road racing world, offers a lower carbon footprint alternative to local runners. Race locally. Most of our races can be reached from anywhere in Guelph by foot or on a bike.

Simply having chosen a recreational activity that does not consume fossil fuels is a good environmental choice on your part.

We give out minimal paper or other products in our race kits. We try to draw attention to our sponsors in more meaningful ways than with an avalanche of paper.

Rather than offer a free t-shirt that may ormay not be used, we have chosen to keep the cost of the race down, and offer, at cost, a practical (yet stylish), technical shirt. 

This year we are relying more on web based advertising than the standard brochures. You can help by getting the word out.

Our post race food uses a minimum amount of packaging

Although bottled water is easy to get for such events, we use water that is pumped from large reusable containers.

The paper cup is still an issue, but we are looking into a compostable corn based cup. If you bring a water bottle with you to the race and fill it up with our water from Crystal Clear, to use for hydration before and after the event, it helps.

Car pooling, if you are coming from out of town, also makes a big difference. 

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