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 Trail Half Marathon

2 dates 

Falling Leaves September 28th 2013 8:30 am

Winter Running Festival November 16th 2013 11am


 We are holding our Trail Half Marathon to celebrate the wonderful trails of the Guelph area. This race would begin at 11am before the 5k at 11:30.  A brief description of the course and a link to the map is in the sidebar.  Registration is limited to 100 runners.  For the September version, there is a 3 hour cutoff, we have a University race (lots of fast runners) on the course which puts runners slower than  3 hours at risk.  

Online registration

Photos of course

Course Map

Drawing of course 


In the spirit of trail racing, there are no kilometre marks.  The beauty of trail racing is that it gives you relief from mechanical pace and allows you to run by the feel of the terrain.



Cold white stuff, found in the winter in Northern latitudes.

Wear  shoes (both of them), dress warmly.  The fastest runners wear the least clothing; dress accordingly.

Trail Half Marathon Route


The route for the trail half marathon is an out and back on a mix of surfaces.  It begins on the bark chip and sand of the Arboretum, then to a brief section of gravel road shoulder, then a hundred metres of sidewalk, then 3 kilomtetres of crushed gravel trail, then a wooden covered bridge, then some gravel road, then another 100m of sidewalk then 7k of dirt trail (some rough stony sections, some wet muddy sections).  You can find a map of the route here.  This map can be used to get directions to the start and finish

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